What We Offer

First and foremost, ProCoin, LLC consults and works with you to improve your collection; and to buy, sell, trade and upgrade your coins and stamps.  We list on our site only a limited inventory as examples of these pieces. Many of our clients are collectors and institutions that have items not available anywhere else. We know who is looking for coins and stamps, too. Let us know what you need, and see if we can help you!

What do we do? 

Depending on each individual’s needs, ProCoin, LLC will:

  • Find the right pieces at the most competitive prices
  • Evaluate a current portfolio
  • Offer timely advice on how better to position holdings for future growth and maximum return
  • Assist in the liquidation of single items, or entire portfolios, to free up capital for shifts in collecting or investing goals

Whether you are a collector, investor or you have recently inherited rare coins or precious metals, ProCoin, LLC can assist in liquidation and consolidation along with providing personal, insurance or estate services.

Find out from one of our experts the benefits and advantages in adding precious metals to your self-directed IRA.

If you are looking to make an investment call today and let one of our consultants offer direction and education so you can make the best decision for your investing needs.

If you have an existing investment in rare coins or precious metals or you are considering it for the first time allow one of the experts at ProCoin, LLC to assist in achieving your investment needs based on your calculated risk tolerance.

Who are we? 

For nearly three decades, Peter Cabral, the President of ProCoin, LLC, has specialized in United States rare coins and stamps, as well as art, antiques and other collectibles.   He leads his staff with a high level of experience and knowledge in the specialized areas of philatelics and numismatics (stamps and coins!).

Working as a trusted and confidential consultant to some of the top numismatic collectors, investors and dealers in the country, Peter has helped build some of finest and rarest portfolios of U.S. coins in existence today.  Among the historic pieces he has been involved with are:

– the legendary King of Siam proof set given as a gift in 1836 to the King of Siam on behalf of President Andrew Jackson;

– the fabled 1787 Brasher Doubloon, the first gold coin struck for the young United States;

– 1792 half dismes (an early spelling of “dime”), the first coins authorized by President George Washington;
– the world’s most famous mis-made postage stamp, the 1918 “Inverted Jenny” U.S. airmail stamp.

Highly regarded in the dealer, collector and investor communities, Peter is known for his high level of integrity and tenacity as he successfully assists clients with their buying and selling needs. With a focus on developing long-term relationships, Peter has gained the trust of clients as well as the respect of his industry peers, including those in the “Inner Circle” of rare coin traders.

ProCoin, LLC is represented at major numismatic trade show and auction in the U.S. each year with Peter often in attendance.  Efforts to expand the U.S. rare coin market internationally have taken Peter to Asia, and ProCoin, LLC recently opened a branch office in Rome, Italy.

Peter is an enthusiastic lecturer and enjoys sharing his expertise on collecting and investing in U.S. rare coins, especially those new to the subject.

In addition, Peter has consulted with museums and curators to design and build the safest and most secure display cases, while maintaining the best viewing quality of the rare items being exhibited.

Starting with a stamp collection at the age of eight, Peter now personally enjoys collecting fine wine, animation art, and antique maps, rare stamps and coins.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us.