Gem Mint Quality MS65 $20 St. Gaudens gold

Gem Mint Quality MS65 $20 St. Gaudens gold

Product Description

In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt asked the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to help beautify our nation’s coinage by designing new, more attractive gold coinage. The ‘Double Eagle’ had its origin in 1850, as a response to the increased store of gold that resulted from the California gold rush. These coins did not circulate widely because of their very high face value. They were most often used for large international transactions. The intrinsic value of nearly one ounce of gold in each coin is certain to keep these a solid store of wealth.

Minted from 1907 until 1933, gold St. Gaudens twenty-dollar coins are considered by many to be the most beautiful of U.S. coins. The coin is named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Featuring a beautiful image of Liberty walking off the face of the coin, and an eagle in flight on the reverse, these coins are particularly attractive to collectors who wish to secure their portfolio with precious metals and the added benefit of rarity.

High-grade pieces are always a great way to add gold with the extra benefit of rarity to your portfolio. Gem Mint condition examples are available of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Please call for quantity discounts. All coins are PCGS or NGC certified and authenticated. Better dates also available.

Turmoil in the financial sector makes these a very sought after commodity. I am recommending to ALL clients to buy some of the most beautiful coins ever made, in gem quality. Please call us or email now to secure your own historic Gold St. Gaudens coins.

Prices fluctuate with market demand. PCGS or NGC certified available today. Call Peter now for more info!